Book More Holiday Sessions NOW with These Strategies

Book More Holiday Sessions NOW with These Strategies

Book More Holiday Sessions NOW with These Strategies

The Holidays are just around the corner and that means families will be looking for photographers to capture their seasonal portraits. If you’re looking to generate some last-minute revenue this year, use these booking strategies to help find more clients and be on the top of their minds when they’re looking for a photographer.

Post and Advertise on Social Media

First and most foremost, if you’re not on social media you’re missing out on great networking opportunities. Post frequently, and utilize Facebook and Instagram stories to spread the word about your business and to advertise current specials. The more you share, the more top of mind you’ll be when people need a photographer or know someone who needs one. Make an effort to be as genuine as possible and avoid being overly “sales-y”. Create compelling and inviting stories when posting about your services.

In addition to creating posts and stories, it may benefit you to run some advertisements as well. With targeted ads, you can narrow down your audience with specific demographics to reach your ideal client. Come up with a budget and start running ads! If you’re really serious about it, I can’t recommend enough hiring an agency that specializes specifically in online advertising.

Ask for Referrals from Existing Clients

If you’ve been in business for a while and have an existing client base, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals! If you’ve consistently provided an exceptional experience to your clients, they’ll have no issues spreading the word for you. You can also sweeten the pot by offering incentives for referrals, such as a free canvas, metal or acrylic print for every client they send your way.

Utilize an Email List

Often an overlooked and easily missed opportunity, creating email lists and sending out regular emails to potential clients is a great way for your business to stay on “top of mind”. If you’re not already doing so, you can start collecting these emails by copying and pasting addresses into a Google Sheets page and sending out mass messages by utilizing “Yet Another Mail Merge” or a similar add-on. If you’re using a client image delivery service such as Shootproof or Pixieset, you can require clients to enter an email address to access galleries and collect their information that way.

Regardless of how you collect client data, make sure to regularly send out emails promoting your sessions. As discussed before, don’t be too “sales-y” and focus on telling stories and selling an experience rather than a product or service. Include imagery in your emails and let your photos do the selling!

Partner with Local Businesses

Another fantastic way to spread the word about your holiday sessions is to network and partner with local businesses. Family-run businesses are even better if you can connect with them! Each major city and town will have its own individual chapters of the chamber of commerce, small business owners organizations, and other networking groups. You can also build long-lasting relationships with other businesses and vendors by offering complimentary styled shoots and other creative services. Approach these businesses and genuinely as possible with no ulterior motives, and you’ll make friends in the process that want to refer you.

If All Else Fails...

...get yourself outside and hustle! If you’re motivated enough, print out flyers and go door-to-door in neighborhoods that are known to have a high volume of families. And don’t limit yourself to just your neighbors’ front doors, drop off these promotional materials wherever you can. Gyms, schools, community centers, and anywhere that is on board with you sharing information about your business.

About the Author: Sean Lara is a wedding and portrait photographer from Fort Collins, CO. He is an educator in the photography industry and regularly hosts creative lighting and business workshops.

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