Design a Professional Retractable Pop-Up Banner Using Canva

Design a Professional Retractable Pop-Up Banner Using Canva
When I started selling ceramics at art markets I quickly realized how important it was to brand myself from the beginning and have a distinct image for my business.  This not only helps your business stand out from the crowd, but it generates the impact you want for your customers.  From my experience of selling at countless art markets and fairs, it’s extremely important to stand out in order to draw in more customers.  I am going to teach you my tips for creating an effective Retractable Pop-Up Banner that will set you apart from the competition.  A Pop-Up Banner is one of the most important tools an exhibitor can have at a market because they make a statement and are super convenient and easy to transport! Oh and here’s the kicker!— these are tips so anyone and everyone can design a banner with absolutely no design experience or Photoshop training.  So, how can you produce a nice graphic on a shoestring budget with limited graphic design knowledge?  Here are my top tips to creating a professional banner without spending hours learning Photoshop. I personally create all my marketing designs on Canva.  Canva is quick and easy and offers tons of free templates which can be customized to fit your brand.  It is a remarkably simple and free online platform for graphic design.  When designing your Retractable Pop-Up Banner, you will want to set you canvas dimensions to 33” x 78.625” to get started.

1) Say more with less 

The less text— the better.  The primary goal of a Banner is to attract attention at a quick glance and increase foot traffic, so make sure your text is large enough to be read from far away without overloading on the information.  If additional information is needed throughout your market/trade show display I recommend these smaller table top signs. Pro Tip: To fully take advantage of your banner, I highly recommend adding your top social media handle.  A lot of times customers will follow you right on the spot as they are walking around markets!

2) Color and Font  

Use a large and legible font that can easily be read from a distance.  Make sure there is enough contrast from your text and the background to increase readability. I recommend using no more than 2-3 fonts when creating a banner to keep your design cohesive.  Colors can be very impactful and it is important to tie your colors with your existing logo and brand.  For example: below is my logo I created on Canva, which was my inspiration for my banner.  I made sure to use the same style, aesthetic, and colors as my logo to fit with my company’s brand aesthetics.

3) Top to Bottom—Left to Right

As you start creating the flow of your banner, keep in mind people are used to reading from top to bottom and left to right.  It is a good idea to have your header at the top and your information flowing down— readers typically expect for information to be aligned to help the organization of your content.  Another way to draw attention to your text is to allow for plenty of negative space or line breaks between text to really help it stand out!  Fun Fact: The Retractable Pop-Up Banners are as big as a door! (as pictured for scale)—Talk about drawing in attention! You are now ready to start designing your very own Retractable Pop-Up Banner perfectly tailored with your business in mind!  To get started, head over to Canva for a free and easy way to design the banner of your dreams.  You can easily upload and preview your 33” x 78” Canva design on CG Pro Prints to view your new masterpiece.  Have fun and get ready to draw more customers from far and wide with your new banner!

Pink Moon Ceramics

Pink Moon Ceramics is a small batch pottery and ceramic jewelry company based in Durham, NC. All pieces are created from start to finish by artist, Jenna Leitner. Her experience in the textile industry combined with her love of working with clay inspired her bold graphic pottery. Her goal is to create work that successfully balances form, color, line, and pattern. Whether Jenna is wheel throwing or hand building, her work focuses on using traditional handmade techniques to fit into the modern home