The Power of Print

The Power of Print
We're excited to welcome Meagan Ready and Stevie Cruz to the CG Pro Prints blog! Meagan and Stevie are the duo behind Blossom Workshops, an educational experience for newborn and portrait photographers. As premiere newborn, maternity, and children's portrait photographers in Tulsa, OK, (Meagan Ready Photography) and Orange County, CA, (Stevie Cruz Photography) Meagan and Stevie wanted to pass along their knowledge and expertise to help other photographers build successful businesses. Blossom Workshops offer business coaching, photography education, and marketing tips for newborn and portrait photographers nationwide.

At each workshop, one of the main lessons Meagan and Stevie pass along is the power of print and how it has attributed to success in their businesses. As newborn photographers, it's essential to instill this belief in your clients and help them understand the importance of print in creating everlasting memories. To start the new year strong, Meagan and Stevie have offered to share some tips that will help incorporate print into your workflow and position your business for maximum growth in 2017.

The start of the year is a perfect time to implement new ideas to create growth and change for your business. Luckily, this can be as simple as a studio refresh to bring new life to your walls. If you're feeling ready to take on the world in 2017, then we're here to share some quick and easy ideas that will help you get started.

As newborn and maternity photographers, we have a lot of repeat clients who trust us to capture the many stages of parenthood. At the start of each year, one of the main techniques we execute is to change up the prints in our studio so clients will be met with fresh ideas and inspiration each time they enter our space.

The first step when refreshing your studio is to print and display new portraits for your walls. These should be your most eye-catching images that your clients can't help but gravitate toward as they walk through your studio. As the new year approaches, we begin revamp the canvas prints that are hanging on our walls to include new groupings, new portraits, and new inspiration for clients to view. A key tip for this annual studio revamp is to choose images with similar color schemes and subject matter. This way, you can keep content fresh throughout the year by roating the imagery between groupings and displays using your existing prints. This quarterly update helps inspire both you as an artist, as well as your current and prospective clients!

With each annual refresh, our Blossom students often wonder what to do with the "old" or previous year's canvas prints. Since business growth is always on the top of our minds, we suggest ideas that will help them achieve a positive customer experience, expand their network, and ultimately add to their bottom line.

Our first suggestion is to gift the canvas prints to your clients whose images you've showcased in your studio for the past year. This small gesture will contribute to a memorable client experience and convert those clients into lifelong patrons of your business. It can also encourage additional print purchases for repeat clients who will want to update their new display with their most current portraits.

If you'd prefer not to gift the canvas prints, our second suggestion is to sell the canvases to your clients at a discounted rate. This should be a fairly easy sales pitch since their images are already printed which helps them visualize the display on their own walls. This option allows you to add to your bottom line in a more concrete way while keeping your client's images on display in their home.

Option three supports any local networking goals you may have and will expand your reach within your local community. For this option, we suggest offering your canvas prints to local businesses for display. Ideally, these businesses will align with your photography genre and business goals. For newborn and portrait photographers, this can include local children's boutiques, family care doctor's offices, hospitals, and more.

If you've already established partnerships with local businesses, you can offer to change out their canvas prints with fresh new content for their space. At Blossom, we work with several local businesses and create unique marketing plans that will help our business flourish. If you have interest in learning more about local partnerships, please click here to see our online business class which offers courses in partner marketing, business planning, In-Person Sales strategies, and much more.

In addition to these techniques for business growth with print, we encourage you to head over to the Blossom Workshop website for a video tutorial on how to properly size an image for printing on canvas.

Meagan Ready & Stevie Cruz