Branching Out to Commercial Photography and Art

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Why choose CG Pro Prints for Your Professional Photo and Canvas Prints?
Commercial photography is pleasing to the eye, enticing, sometimes even fascinating. And, it should be. Those pretty pictures are designed to sell products, upsell service clients and put customers in the mood to buy.

Commercial Photography Can Move Customers to Buy

Commercial photography is the basis for most of the product images we see in our daily adventures. Wall Peel prints of food shots adorn restaurants and delis while grocery stores may incorporate metal prints into their décor. Think of the freshly baked bread, the glistening fresh vegetables and the sliced wedges of cheese you have admired while shopping on an empty stomach. Yes, commercial photography and custom photo printing are an undeniable part of commerce.

While retailers look to excite customers, other businesses want to calm their patrons. The soothing wall art you often see in dentist and doctor offices is chosen with this purpose in mind. While some professionals want to convey the great importance of their work. They often set the tone with canvas prints of historic buildings and monuments or professional portraits of the partners.


Commercial Photography Is Essential to Branding

Continuity of images throughout printed pieces, signage and interior décor is the most essential element of branding. A notoriously nebulous asset, branding must be guarded carefully, but freshened regularly to keep up with popular trends. Nothing breathes new life into marketing materials or corporate space as readily or as cost effectively as a portfolio of recent shots by a top-notch commercial photographer.

The right set of commercial photographs can be incorporated into marketing collateral, and canvas prints of the commercial photos can bring a bright new look to lobbies, waiting rooms, offices and other spaces. Corporate wall art provides a great way to display signature products. Product photography is great as a gallery wall with canvas groupings designed to give your visitors a sort of tour of your profession or manufacturing process.

For a truly showstopping presentation of commercial photography, consider printing multi-split panel canvas prints. Custom five-panel canvas prints break an image into five pieces to call extra attention to your product or message. You can break down your extra-large canvas prints to just three panels, if you prefer. Many commercial photo canvas prints feature shots taken by relatively obscure commercial photographers. No matter the source, commercial photography is important to the people in the location where it is displayed.

CG Pro Prints understands the importance of unique photography. That’s why CG Pro Prints technicians work with photographers to provide only top-grade photo printing worthy of display in museums. Choose the photos that speak to you, decide on the effect you want, and select your medium accordingly. Whether you choose Wall Peels, Metal Prints Canvas Prints or Framed Canvas Prints, you can be certain you will get vivid prints that do your commercial photography justice.