Business Photography Makes Great Corporate Art

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Why choose CG Pro Prints for Your Professional Photo and Canvas Prints?
Some of the most impressive corporate art is created using images from business photography sessions. Bold canvas groupings or collections of metal prints tell the stories of corporations and institutions in a way that words never could. As the story changes and new chapters are added, prints can be added to continue the saga. What better way to welcome visitors, new employees or new students than to give them a close-up view of the organization? In addition to photographs, you may want to include architectural renderings of new buildings or engineering designs to showcase exciting product developments on the horizon.

Corporate photographers deliver great executive portraits and employee head-shots, but they have so much more to offer—event photography, corporate lifestyle photography and product photography, to name a few. Then there’s the complicated stuff that great business photographers do with no fanfare at all. Photographing manufacturing processes is complicated because it requires careful study of the processes, lighting, dust, moisture and the people who work there. Timing is critical, and the industrial photo shoot can be labor intensive. That’s what the pros love so much about business photography—only the best can do it well.

Whether you are a contract business photographer or an in-house photographer, you have come to know something about the inner workings of organizations you portray through photography. Put that knowledge to work, and map out the latest story in pictures.

If You Shoot It, CG Pro Prints Can Turn It into Corporate Wall Art, Tabletop Art or Photo Prints for Presentations

Once you’ve captured those must-have images, it’s critical to have a photo printer that can do them justice. CG Pro Print’s modern photography printing techniques give you an array of options for showcasing business photos in large-format prints. Large canvas wraps and metal prints make great signature pieces to build a corporate art collection around.

Order photo prints for tabletop displays, accent pieces and office walls. Turn plate glass windows and glass partitions into photo displays using Wall Peels sized from 12” X 18” up to 56” X 96”. These modern displays can be customized with marketing messages, and changed early and often. They make great removable backdrops for press conferences, trade shows and charity events.

Photo prints can also be used for presentation notebooks to build a great case for a contract or a donation. As a professional business photographer, you know it’s important to offer useful tips for making the most of your photos. Those photos may be the key to making the successful sales pitch or the fundraising request that saves the day!