Engagement Photography Tips for Photographers

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As an engagement photographer, you have the opportunity to walk with people during one of the most exciting times in their lives. Aside from the moment of popping the question, engagement photos are a big step for couples as they work towards becoming married. The engagement photo shoot is super important for many couples as they’ll display the photos at their wedding and on social media, and may even use them on save-the-date cards or invitations. Getting great engagement photos is essential for making your customers happy. As an added bonus, happy customers can often help you attract more business as an engagement photographer!

A few engagement photography tips to help you take the best engagement photos:

Discuss engagement photos locations with the couple. Chances are you’re familiar with the town or city where you’ll be taking photos or have an eye for spotting great photo backdrops; however, it’s important to ask the happy couple what places are meaningful to them. Take photos in all the amazing places you know of but be sure to incorporate places that mean something to the couple to ensure their engagement photos are as meaningful as they are beautiful.

Don’t forget about their engagement rings! If the couple has an engagement ring (or rings), highlight the jewelry in some engagement shots. That way they’ll have the perfect picture to show when family and friends in faraway places ask to see the ring!

Set expectations with the couple beforehand. Ask them if they have any engagement photo ideas or photography of couples that they found particularly inspirational as they plan for their own shoot. With any kind of photography, especially with engagement photography, it’s incredibly important to make sure all involved parties know what to expect so that everyone is relaxed and happy the day of the shoot.

Take the time to talk with the happy couple about the engagement photo outfits they would like. If the bride hasn’t purchased engagement photo dresses, it would be the perfect time to offer some tips on what styles and fabrics will work best for their engagement photography session. Simple clothing in solid colors is a great choice for most.

Keep poses natural. Trying to pose people in complicated ways will rarely end well. Let couples do what feels natural and capture it with your camera--no need to try and reinvent the wheel. If your clients feel uncomfortable, it’s likely to show in their engagement photos. Nobody wants awkward engagement photos!

Don’t be afraid to give people feedback on how to pose. People, especially those who aren’t used to being behind the camera, will enjoy having some guidance to get the best shot. It may feel awkward to give direction but trust us—your job as the engagement photographer is to do more than just take pictures—it’s to create an environment where couples feel comfortable. Letting them know about flattering angles and how to pose will only improve the engagement photo package they receive at the end. They’ll appreciate your honesty!

It’s okay to be cheesy! Often we get caught up in trying to be cool. With engagement photography, it’s OK to add a little bit of cheesy romance. That’s the whole point—to show off their love for one another. This can be by incorporating props like wooden letters that spell out “L-O-V-E” or encouraging adorable poses. As the years pass, funny engagement photos and cute engagement photos often become sentimental family treasures.

Take classic photos, as well as more playful ones. Some couple may want to provide loved ones with a classic “mantle-worthy” engagement photo. Make sure they have a few standard engagement portraits that they can use in addition to more contemporary or creative poses.

With that in mind, don’t be afraid to crop photos in a unique way to give a simple pose a playful new look. As people choose what photos to print on canvas or decorate with, they’ll appreciate having options that are a mix of classic and contemporary.

We know you take pride in everything you do as a photographer. Engagement photography can truly set you on the path to growing your business. If a couple is impressed by their engagement photos and their experience working with you, it’s likely that they’ll pass along your information to other engaged couples they know. It may lead you to photograph their wedding, take newborn photos, or more.