Funeral Home Photography Is a Gift—Over Time It Becomes a Treasure

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Photographs from funerals and wakes used to be a rarity, maybe even an oddity, but funeral home photography is steadily growing in popularity. A sensitive funeral home photographer can provide grieving families a tangible reminder of the day they said goodbye to their loved one. Tastefully done photos give them the opportunity to replay the day that would likely be a blur without pictures.

Being a great funeral home photographer is not so difficult—if you know your equipment well and understand basic funeral photography etiquette. Prior to taking your first picture, it is important to be sure that your services are wanted. Talk with those in charge of planning the funeral before you take the first picture and find out what sort of story you need to tell. Yes, funeral home photography is about illustrating the final chapter of a life well lived, while respecting the loved ones who come to grieve.

As a funeral home photographer, you are essentially a photo journalist with a mandate to report the news and never to be the news. This means that you should remain discretely in the background, taking pictures as unobtrusively as possible. While serving as a funeral photographer, you must always remember to balance the need to get the shot with the need to show respect for the deceased and those who are mourning.

One of the best ways to be sure of getting the shot without interrupting the flow of a ceremony is to keep your camera equipment to a minimum. You may find that an all-purpose lens with a zoom function is all you need. You will not want to use a flash in the somber setting of a funeral, so you will need to experiment with shooting in low-light situations without a flash before you arrive at the funeral. Keep in mind that photo-editing software, such as Photoshop, can be used to adjust images shot in dim light, so don’t ever skip a shot simply because the light is low.

While some professional photographers offer funeral home photography as one of their standard services, much of the funeral home photography done today is the work of hobbyists who are friends of the family. Even if photography is not part of the funeral photographer’s normal workday, it’s just as important to have top quality funeral photo prints.

CG Pro Prints technicians print funeral photos in an array of sizes and finishes that will be perfect for use in a funeral photo album. CG Pro Prints can print funeral home photography on canvas, too.

Families don’t often choose to display funeral photos as wall art, but some funeral home photography makes great canvas prints. Reflective poses of funeral attendees may be perfect for printing on canvas. A museum-quality canvas print can be passed down through generations and invite the telling of the story it represents. With each generation, the story will grow because funeral home photography is for the living.