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Celebrate Hunting Photography & the Great Outdoors

Taxidermy is so twentieth century. As the sport of hunting has evolved over the years, so have the ways in which hunters choose to preserve their memories and display their trophies. Hunting photography is quickly becoming the preferred method of celebrating the natural beauty of the great outdoors. A good family portrait is one of the more endearing items you can display in your home or office. Life happens fast, so it’s nice to have a permanent reminder of your family at a specific time and place in your lives.

The most common hunting photo is the hero shot, wherein the successful hunter poses next his or her downed game. While hero shots are traditional, modern wildlife photographers are constantly coming up with new and creative ways to capture the thrill of the hunt. Here are five simple tips to make sure your photos are anything but ordinary and to help you get the perfect shot (with your camera, at least):


Essential Wildlife Photo Tips

1) Wake up early and stay out late The low-angle, natural light that occurs at the “golden hour” (sunrise or the hour before sunset) is perfect for adding warmth to any picture. Avoiding taking photos when the sun is high in the sky also helps eliminate unwanted shadows

2) Tidy up While blood is an inevitable part of hunting, it doesn’t have to be included in your photos. Pack a set of moist towelettes to wipe down your trophy and a fresh change of clothes to make your subjects appear less gory

3) Document everything Take photos of everything from gearing up first thing in the morning to the tired ride home. You never know when or where that perfect shot is going to come, so take as many pictures as possible. Fill your memory card and worry about the editing later

4) Get low ​If the trophy is on the ground, have the hunter or “hero” kneel on the ground next to it. This helps eliminate dead space and makes for better scale.

5) Enjoy the great outdoors​. Part of the joy of hunting is being outside in nature, so be sure to document it. Capture the weather when possible. Try to include nearby trees, streams, rock formations, etc. to tell the whole story of the hunt.

Best Gear for Hunting Photography

Having the right gear is not only crucial to bringing down a black bear or a speedy duck, bringing the proper equipment is also important to any successful hunting photography expedition. Here’s a list of a few recommended items to bring along with your camera:

1) A good lens A lens in the 18-50mm range will suffice for most hunting photos. For shots of animals moving at high speeds like waterfowl, a lens in the general range of 70-200mm is recommended. The bigger aperture allows you to shot at faster shutter speeds which help capture moving objects.

2) A sturdy camera bag with a hard bottom​ There’s a good chance your camera is going to get knocked around while you’re scaling rocks or climbing through branches, so it’s best to protect your investment.

3) Plastic bags Along with a camera bag, it never hurts to carry a few plastics bags as extra protection for when it starts raining or you fall in a creek.

4) Camouflage​ Dress like the rest of the group. Even if you’re only there to document the hunt, you won’t have anything to photograph if your neon yellow jumper scares the animals away, Since the dawn of man, the thrill of the hunt has been displayed in stone carvings or painted on the walls of caves. Luckily for you, there are now better and far easier ways to display your trophies.

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