Benjamin L. Corey

After a fantastic engagement shoot, one of the ways you can use CG Pro print’s high-quality and affordable canvases to further your bottom line is to give one as a wedding gift. Let me describe how this plan works: take one of your client’s favorite images from their engagement shoot, and have it printed on a good size canvas (I usually go 16x20 or 16x24), wrap it in a bow with your business card, and place it on the table with all of the other wedding gifts at the reception. This method has multiple impacts:

  1. Your clients will be blown away that YOU brought THEM a gift. They aren’t expecting this, and I can almost promise you’re the only vendor who will be giving them a gift.
  2. They’re going to love the canvas so much, that it’s going to get their mind thinking about all the ways their wedding photos will look great on canvas- then, you can offer them bundles, etc.
  3. All of the guests at the reception will see the beautiful canvas sitting on the gift table which will generate buzz about your business because (a) you were generously thoughtful and (b) they get to see a sample “final product” of your work, instead of just watching you create images all day.

This plan will result in selling more canvas prints to your clients, additional weddings, and even canvas sales that you had never thought of from guests who are interested in converting some of their personal photos into beautiful wall art. I have found great success with this plan and have consistently booked more weddings and sold more canvas prints than with any other method.

Jill Lauren

I LOVE using CG Pro Prints for my “Thank You” Marketing. After each wedding - I order a 20x24 Canvas for the wedding venue and the wedding planner. The photo I choose showcases the beauty of the wedding venue or the hard work of the planner. Of course my name & logo are placed at the bottom of the canvas. I also deliver the canvas in person. This is the perfect opportunity for me to thank them for the wonderful day and let them know I appreciate all their hard work.

As far as marketing dollars - this is the most cost effective “Network Marketing” there is. At less than $40 per canvas - I can easily budget that into the price of my weddings...and look forward to many great lasting relationships with local wedding venues and making friends with wedding planners. CG ProPrints gives me the chance to build these relationships without breaking the bank.

Tatiana Fowler

I just finished doing an entire business overhaul. From packaging, pricing and even changing up the studio walls. I decided it was time to take it to the max and ensure that I was giving my client the most of everything I could offer them. I have 2 CG Canvases hung as you walk into my home studio and I’ve got 3 more canvas’s hung on the studio walls. I wanted them to fall in love with them as much as I love them, and they are loving them even more! I’m able to offer beautiful quality canvases at affordable prices in our packages or à la carte, which clients just love.

I have taken it to the max by teaming up with 2 local doctors offices in providing canvases for their waiting room walls. I love getting calls about how people love seeing my work while waiting for an appointment and would love to book. Its a win win and CG canvas’s have been able to help with it all.

Jeanine Thurston

Canvas prints have been an amazing way for me to boost sales to my old clients/sessions. When I have lulls in sales, I use canvas prints to fill the gaps. Sessions that are 1-5 years past have allowed me to bring in thousands of extra dollars during low session periods.

When we see a slight slow down in our bookings, we simply e-mail market and call our sessions that are over a year old (under 5 years old) that we see haven’t ordered canvas prints from their sessions in the past. Starting with a broad e-mail to those clients about a Canvas Print Special that is running for 5 days only. We further limit the sizes that they can order at a special pricing to 3 sizes only. I’ve found that limiting choices to three actually makes it easier for them to decide and pushing them into the mid-range canvas of the three. Adding a couple thousand in canvas print sales during a slower period has allowed us to keep a very even stream of cash-flow and clients have LOVED them.

We keep these canvas special deal to only 2 a year so they don’t come to expect it, and we don’t do it at the same time - it is completely geared to when it will benefit our business. The best part about that is that some clients “watch” our blog for if and when a canvas special comes around then. We have over 1300 people following our blog currently.

Laura Parker

Canvases were a vital part of our companies success. When FairyTale Photography started we were offering the typical disc with images and we would show up to weddings and the bridal portrait that we had spent so much time on, was sitting on a table, a sad 8x10 you hardly noticed. We decided that taking on the additional cost of canvas prints was worth it because it allowed all the guests to be wowed by a huge piece of artwork. It hangs on their walls and is a constant reminder of our company. The referral base has grown because of those canvases, our new clients come in and tell us they will pay more for our services because of the items included. All our photo sessions come with one and our biggest package includes a 24x36 from their wedding!

CG ProPrints has the best prices and quality that we have been able to find. They allow us to keep our costs down and maximize revenue while making our couples happy beyond belief! Thank you for helping our business be successful.

Jenni Speed

Large, striking images fill my home and office with CG Pro Prints’ gallery wrapped canvas displays. The quality is amazing! Canvas wraps are my best seller by far and most of my portrait clients book me with that purchase in mind.

In my fine art landscape business, building relationships with other professionals is crucial. Real estate agents know that by staging a house, their home sales increase substantially. I network with real estate agents to provide artwork for them. This has proved to be very profitable! Working with property managers has expanded my business even further by providing wall decore for vacation rentals, a huge business in Hawaii.

CG PRO Prints are strong, durable and are made with true quality!