Choosing the Right Professional Photography Prints

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You’ve captured the special day and now you want to commemorate it in style. Perhaps it was your wedding, a child’s graduation or a baby’s first photos. These images should last long after the memories of the occasion have slowly faded. To ensure they are never forgotten, you want to choose the best professional photography prints.

Paper Does Matter

One of the most important aspects of your professional photography prints is the paper used. You often hear the technical terms, but you may not know what they mean.

    Glossy – the images on glossy paper will be bold and bright; they are made to last
    Metallic – colors are bold with a rich black that provides a strong contrast
    Lustre – the most true-to-life choice for your images
The next choice is the size of the images, which often include multiple options to fit your needs. One of the most common is the 5x7 while the 8x10 makes for a fabulous picture to display.

Quality photos printed on premium paper will last for 100 years when displayed at home. That timeline can double if they are kept in a dark place. Your memories will still be around to tell a story to your descendants.


Printing Your Photos

Once images are captured, they must go to a photo lab where they are processed. There are different methods for processing professional photography prints, but all of them require chemical baths with careful control of the time and temperature as well as the agitation. Once this process is completed, the latent image becomes a visible image, which is not affected by light and becomes permanent. It is now a negative.

The negative is still very small and the image must be enlarged to the desired size. There are different techniques to accomplish this task, as well. It is during this time that the negative can be scanned to be printed digitally or viewed on the internet.

Once images have been transformed into photos, they must be checked by quality control. A QC person will go through hundreds of images in an hour to determine if any are marred or of poor quality. This ensures the person receiving the pictures gets only the best quality in their professional photography prints.

Comparing Services

When selecting a service for your professional photography printing, you want a company with a solid reputation. They should provide fast service and replace any prints that don’t meet your expectations. These are the basic requirements for any professional photo printing service. However, other differences may become apparent as you make your comparison.

The number of paper and size options may be different. For instance, a print may be available in a certain size for glossy prints but not for lustre prints.
Pricing is often another area of comparison with some companies offering special discounts almost year-round. Shipping can increase the total cost of your images and should be taken into account when selecting a service.

Take Your Photo to the Next Level with Canvas Prints, Frames, and More

Many times, you can customize your photos and add borders or a frame. One unique option is to request professional photography canvas prints, which turns your image into a focal point for display.
You can request tinted photos or even black and white images with professional photography printing. Sepia is another popular option for professional photographic prints because it lends an old-time feel in a softer tone than the traditional black and white.

Once you understand more about the process and your options for professional photography prints for sale, you can select the service that best fits your needs. With so many options for professional photography prints online, you can easily capture your favorite memories and ensure they last a lifetime while allowing you to share with others.