The Importance of Printing Your Travel Photography

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“Getting lost while traveling is fun. Losing those memories is not.” - Taylor Varnau, Taylor Varnau Photography

The landscape unfolds beautifully before you as the sun casts its warm golden-hour glow across the scene. You are the only person around for miles. You notice a herd of deer off in the distance and can’t help but smile knowing that this will add even more dimension to your shot. Your camera is on the tri-pod with settings intact, ready to freeze the entire scene.
As a travel photographer, these are the moments that define your genre. You’ve hiked, climbed, and scrambled your way to the perfect setting and you’re ready to capture the landscape as you’ve been lucky enough to see it. The overall goal? To share your memorable experience with those who weren’t there with you. Your passion is to inspire wanderlust in even the most stationary of viewers and you know the right images can easily achieve this.

In today’s digital age, sharing these inspirational images means uploading them to an online portfolio or to various social media channels. These platforms can help you share your experiences with the most viewers and hopefully inspire purchases of not just plane tickets, but the beautiful images you’ve captured from the exotic and foreign places you’ve traveled.

Unfortunately, most of these images never make it outside of their digital bounds. “Likes”, comments, and “shares” become the defining characteristics of your images and after a certain amount of time; they’re buried under the continual social media noise. It can be a disappointing end to an unforgettable experience.

“Before I started printing my photos, my typical workflow looked like this: capture the images, edit the photos, post them to Facebook, Instagram, whatever, maybe blog them, and then poof - the images just went into oblivion - with the occasional online print sale. That's a lot of hard work, patience, and preparation just to let the resulting photo sit on a hard drive. Print that baby out!”– Brady Cabe, Brady Cabe Photography

In other words, printing your travel photography is the best way to keep your unforgettable experiences from being forgotten. By creating a tangible reminder of each scene that you capture, you’ll be continually transported back to the location every time you view your prints.

Of course, printing your travel photography offers benefits for your clients, as well! A great travel photo will subtly encourage viewers to visualize themselves in the scene you’ve created. This can be hard to do when your audience is viewing your images on a small phone screen. By printing your images at a larger scale, you not only encourage your viewer to travel to these destinations with you, but you help them imagine the smell of the grass or the sea or the pulse of the city streets. When you print your travel photography, you offer your clients a round-trip ticket to the destinations you’ve captured.

“In my opinion, printing your photos is one of the most important components to travel photography. Digital content is great for sharing, but nothing beats a tangible piece of art. When you see it in person, it’s a constant reminder of the feeling and experiences you had while creating the image. When your clients see it in person, they’re immediately transported to these amazing destinations with you.” – Alex Miller, Alex Vision
In addition to the mental benefits of printing your travel photography, physical representations can add even more to your images:

““Prints will always offer a higher image quality than a digital file. From the glossy highlights of a metal print, to the fine details of a large canvas, I always find more pride in my work when seeing it in the physical form.” – Taylor Varnau, Taylor Varnau Photography
With so many product options available, printing your travel photos becomes an added element of the final creation. The high-gloss finish and razor-sharp details of metal prints make metal the perfect option for detailed landscapes, modern cityscapes, and vibrant night skies. In contrast, canvas wraps can offer a more traditional display for scenes of rolling hills, saturated sunsets, and calming seascapes. With travel photography, finding the right medium for your images can be just as fun as capturing the image!

"While I thoroughly enjoy sharing my photos with friends, family, and clients, I believe it’s equally as important to capture the moment for myself. I love walking into my home and seeing prints on the wall that instantly remind me of the emotions, thoughts, and feelings I had at that exact moment or location. Seeing these prints also serves as excellent motivation to keep me working hard in achieving my goals and helps keep my travel bug alive and well!”– Mike Ince, Mike Ince Photography
In summary, printing your travel photography is the perfect way to keep your travel adventures alive in both you and your client’s minds. If your images are meant to tell your travel stories, then consider social media the perfect book cover. You can rely on the tangible prints to tell the rest.